If you’re a professional athlete or trainer, you’re part of the technological transformation happening in the sports industry. Sports tactics have come a long way from conceptual game planning and player training. More specific and realistic software supports tactical analysis and sports performance through player learning of on-the-pitch scenarios. This article briefly looks at the traditional sports tactical tools still used by football clubs and Replay Institute’s role in the digital transition.

Technological Advances, Beyond the Whiteboard

Current industry practices in sports training and athlete performance are advancing. Many clubs are still training players in outdated ways, like writing plays in notebooks to share with their team and using whiteboards to teach sports. 

Whiteboards are a standard in coaching. One benefit of using a whiteboard is to communicate quickly to all players. For example, when a coach discusses a match play to a player, the player must interpret the play from outside the situation. 

Understanding the play from a 3rd person perspective means the player can forget critical aspects of the coach’s feedback. While traditional coaching methods have done their job, they require more effort from their users, making them less effective. Will traditional training methods ever be replaced by more modern practices?

Hand drawing a game strategy with white chalk on a blackboard.
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How Technology is Revolutionizing Sports Training

Technology in sports training is here to stay. Some apps and gadgets help improve the overall performance on and off the field. Wearable technology like smart clothing captures athletes’ biometrics (e.g., heart rate) and movements for injury prevention and to measure performance. 

VR(virtual reality) headsets combined with a software platform create an immersive environment for players to train and develop their skills. Sports teams that use digital software tools improve the way they communicate their training methods to their players. 

Improved communication and performance point to the immersive experience allowing players to experience first-hand what the coach is teaching versus the 3rd person-perspective that traditional methods like whiteboards and video playback offer.

Creating Training Sessions in Sports Tactic Software

The direction that Replay Institute was going with ReplayFootball™ was developing an all-in-one software that catered to coaches, analysts, and players. Today, ReplayFootball™ is a learning tool to create better players. From the academy level to the professional level and improve the professional player’s tactical skill even further.

Replay Institute transitions the analog aspects of sports tactics into the digital age with ReplayFootball™. The software integrates 3D video playback and positional and event data from real matches to create the virtual reality experience of player performance into a virtual reality experience. 

“… we can do more to make it even better. We can make it more realistic for players. They’re able to see what they will see in the real game situation…we want to get as close as possible to their real life.” 

-Lasse Gilsfeldt, Football Specialist @ Replay Institute

Integrating tactical software and VR goggles do more than creating a virtual scenario for players. Players can follow their tactical training programs nearly anywhere. By increasing non-physical training frequency using ReplayFootball™, players improve their cognitive and perception skills through (or via)  real-time situations. 

The benefits of using smart tech or VR software can minimize risks of injury or allow players to train virtually while recovering from their injuries. All of this can reduce players needing to relearn tactics after an injury; a time-saver for clubs! However, more awareness is necessary for digital technology and sports tactics to become part of standard practice in coaching and training methods. 

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